Sunday, May 02, 2010

Walpurgis Night - the Eve of May Day

Now, finally, spring is here. And with Walpurgis night we could celebrate for real.
For me, it was an ideal day, with sunshine, a lot of outdoor time and my family around me. I couldn't ask for more.
How about you? How did you spend Walpurgis night? Did you see any bonfires, or did you, like me, make your own at home?
Do you know why we celebrate this day?


Anonymous said...

When I celebrated Walpurgis night, I was with my friends and my boyfriend. We had a lot of fun togheter and we met people we usually didn't talked to. It was nice - and EVERYBODY was drunk D:

/amanda unger

Anonymous said...

I was on a party with my friends and their friends and their friends it was very funny kind of evrybody was drunk, but i didn't drink that night i think im to young.


Anonymous said...

i met som people and we did not do so mutch



Anonymous said...

On Walpurgis night I was whit my friends. We was out and have fun :D

/// Linnéa

Anonymous said...

I celebrated the Walpurgis night at fjärdhundra, When I was at the fire, I grilled sausage and had some fun.
Well it was a successful May Day

/Gustav Duske

Anonymous said...

During Walpurgis i was at th bonfire in fjärdhundra for some time, after that I went home to watch TV.


Anonymous said...

At Walpurgis night i where at my Grandpa's home with my Dad and my Brother, we had an Bonfire and alot off Fireworks! Wich appears to be the funnier part off the night.. After i got coffe!

(coffe is good for me)


Anonymous said...

I saw a bonfire for about 5 minutes, it was not so funny. It was little rain the night.
It was many people at the bonfire in Fjärdhundra. It was very much smoke from the bonfire their. Fredddrik

Glenn Lundin said...

On the walpurgis day I was with my dudes in Fjärdhundra, we had a lot of fun, it was the best evening ever and I hope that we have a similar evening one more time!

Anonymous said...

At the Walpurgis night I was whit my cousin in uppsala after a time we went to my mother and my family, they had a bonfire. After that we went back to uppsala and having a good time.

// Martin . L

Anonymous said...

I dont realy celebrate Walpurgis night sens i moved to Fj100. When I still lived in Lofsdalen used I go down to the village cottege to look at the bonfire and the fireworks. We sang songs and wheare with friends. I think we celebrate this day to inaugurate the spring./Frida

Anonymous said...

On walpurgis day I was with my friends in Fjärdhundra, I wasn't at the bonfire very much, but we had really fun, and I hope that we have a similar evening soon!

/Olivia Landén

Anonymous said...

At Walpurgis night was I on Enavallen and work, with my team, I standing in goal for penalty it was very fun, it was a bonfire there and when i was ready I go by car home and look at our bonfire.

Amanda L

Anonymous said...

First, I was with my grandmother and grilled. Then I went to Linnea, where we sat and talked for a while.then I, Elin and Linnea bikes to me. then we bikes dowm to bonfire and then we was out with other friends.


Anonymous said...

On Walpurgis night I went to Fjärdhundra to celebrate the evening with my friends. First I went to Linnéa, Ronja was there too. We met up Hampus and went to the bonfire a while, then we met some other friends and talked with them. We had a lot of fun, I laugh really much. I think Walpurgis night is to celebrate that Spring has return.

Anonymous said...

On Walpurgis night I was at home alone because my mother and stepfather drived bus all night and my brother did not wanted to be with me alone so he went to grandma and grandpa, so I was alone xD I lookt much on tv and played computer most Counter-Strike and Tibia.
I played a tournament on counter-strike 5vs5 practic clan war with some friends and I had a lots of coke :)
// alfred

Anonymous said...

The Walpurgis day was like any other day, I was home and played computer. I wasn't outdoor very much. My uncle came at the evening and he and my family went to the bonfire for about an hour. Next day we had a birthday party for my sister. And no, I don't know why we celebrate this day, maybe to celebrate the spring.


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