Wings 6


Glosträning (från bokförlaget)

Section 1 -  5

Exercices for fun and better learning:

Section 1:   
         Simon's bag
         At the airport (1)
         At the airport (2)
         Fly into a rage (A)
         Fly into a rage (B)

Section 2: 
          New York City
          Happy Families (1)
          Happy Families (2)
          Simon Meets Roz
          British English - American English

Section 3:
           Back to School (1) 
           Back to School (2) 
           School Stuff
           J and S get talking   (1)  and    (2)
           Phrases 3
             My book

Section 4:
           Spare time activities (1)
           Spare time activities (2)
           Welcome to Hong Kong (1)
           Welcome to Hong Kong (2)

Geography of (parts of) the World  (an easy game)
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