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This is for your book review.
Here you can also read about what others think about the books they have read.
Please follow these instructions:
1 The title of the book
2 The author of the book
3 "The main character/-s is/are ..."
4 "The book is about..."
5 "I liked/didn't like the book because..."
6 Your first name and class.


Anonymous said...

1.The full monty

2.Wendy Holden

3.Gaz, Dave, Barrington, Gerald, Lomper, Guy and Gaz son Nathan. Gaz is the main character.

4.The book is about Gaz, un unemployed man and has previously worked in a steel factory. He and his wife had divorced so Gaz needs a lot of money to continue seeing he's son Nathan. Gaz is a very crazy person and have many crazy ideas in life. But know is his plan to get money, very different and very crazy, the plan is to do a own stripping group with his 5 other friends. They are already a known group in America so Gaz plan is to do a better group of course. All mans in the new group is very worried about how they will go because the mans in the new group is very old, fat, wrinkled and incompetent as dancers. Gaz do everything to get as much audience as possible, so he says very weird things of course. For example he says that his gruop is already much better than "The chippendales" and he says also the most weird and a the dumbest thing... he says that in the end of the show, the mans in his group will all be naked...

I liked the book because it was very funny, and I didn´t want to stop reading. The book was also easy to get into. It was very good for me.

S.F - 9.

Anonymous said...

Title: Chocolate Moon
Author: Mary Arrigan
Main characters: Chris and "Chris's gran"
I liked the book, because it was easy to read and not too many boring parts.
The book was about Chris's gran who started to forget things. Each sunday Chris's family went visit her in Saint Marks nursing home. Chris's parents talked with her about stupid things, while Chris didn't talk much. On the way home his parents nag at him because he didn't talk, but he knew that gran didn't listen to the crap he's parents told her. Sometimes Chris goes to her alone, and while he's there gran talks about a Chocolate moon. Chris asks what it is, but gran doesn't answer.
He told his parents that he would go for a camp with some friends, but instead he traveled to Ireland with his gran, where gran came from. They visited gran's old house, which was unsettled. There she told Chris about the chocolate moon, which only was the moon she and her son(Chris's dad) dreamed about when Chris's dad was young. When they woke up at midnight the police came and took them to a B&B, and put them on a plane home the next day.

Henrik 8A

Anonymous said...

Title: Born free
The author: Joy Adamson
Main characters: Joy, George Adamson and Elsa.

The book is about a little lion cub named Elsa. She was only five months when Joy and George Adamson founded her in the wild. Joy ang George took good care of her and Elsa was happy in the peoples company. Soon Elsa was fully grown and Joy and George decided to train Elsa to hunt and live in the wild. They were with her when she discovered her first lions after many years with people, her first mate and her first kill. After a while in the wild Elsa got her first lions litter. Just as Joy and George wanted Elsa to be, she had become a lioness in the wild.

I liked the book because it wasn't so comlicated written. It was easy to read and I understoud almost everything!

Olivia, 8a

Anonymous said...

Title: Kicked out
Author: Beth Goobie
Main characters: Dime, Darren, Gabe and Tiff.

This book is about a girl called Dime. She was 15-16 years old and thought she could do whatever she wanted. She did not pay attention in school and it was all about being cool. She started dating Gabe, the most populer guy in school. Dime and Gabe spent as much time as possible together. Dime and her parents were allways yelling at each other. They were fightning every day about Dime´s bad behavior. So she moved in wiht Darren to get away from her parents for a while. Not long after that she realized that her boyfriend were an ass. He treated her with no respect and wanted her to fight for him, with he´s ex girlfriend.

I liked the book couse it were easy written,and it did not contain so many difficult words. The book was intresting and funny.

L.J 9c

Anonymous said...

Title: Stargate
Author: Penguin Readers
Main character: O´Neil and many more.

The book is about the mysterious Stargate which is over 10,000 years old. As a group of soldiers (who is with O'Neil) goes through the portal and travel millions of years to a world they never would have expected.
How will they get back, they know nothing about the people and their culture or how they behave towards others.
Them trying to find a way home but many of the soldiers disappear. And those encountered more and more different, weird stuff..

I like this book because it has little voltage and is quite easy to read.

Martin Lundqvist, 8a

Anonymous said...

1 The title Gladiator

2 author: Dewey Gram
3 main character: General Maximus, Ceasar (Commodus)
4 "The book is about: An Genaral in the Roman army that's on he's last mission, after the battle Maximus duty is over, But he's about to be betrayed off Commodus who is about to be the Ceasar planning on killing Maximus family, When Maximus come's home he find's he's family dead. Maximus was later found by a slave Trader who take's Maximus to be a Gladiator and by winning many game's Maximus had plans for revenge he's family by becoming an Gladitor he could challenge the Ceasar in a Dual about life and Death

5 I didn't like it becous the text was to small

Freedrik 8a

Anonymous said...

Title: Rosemary´s Baby
Author: Ira Levin
Main character: Rosemary, Guy, Minni, Roman, Terry

The book is about a young couple, Rosemary and Guy. Rosemary is a beautiful and young woman who knows what she wants. Guy is an actor and he is older than her. They looking for an apartment in New York and after a few weeks they finally found Rosemary's dream apartment in an old house. They quickly learn to know their new neighbors, Minni and Roman Castevet and their daughter Terry. Suddenly Terry commits suicide; she jumped out from a window. All thought that Minni and Roman had something to do with Terrys suicide, because they acted so strange. Rosemary becomes pregnant and she starts to suffer from terrible pains because Minni and Roman give her a drink every morning. They say that the drink should help Rosemary. Guy begins to socialize more with Castevet and Rosemary starts getting worry…

I liked the book because it was pretty easy written and it has a good storyline. The book was also a bit scary.

M.S - 9

Anonymous said...

1 Title, The Canterville Ghost

2 Author, Oscar Wilde

3 Main character, The family Otis

4 The story is about a ghost which is live in a house.The ghost had died hundred years ago.The ghost scared everybody that live in the house.He loves doing what he had done before to all person that lived in the house.But everything is changing when a family from America decided to live in the house.The family already knows that there is a ghost in the house,but they do not believe in ghost.The family consist the parents and their four children.The head of the family is Mr.Hiram B. Otis.He is an American ambassador.The ghost plays many tricks to scare the family but they did not work.They ghost do the same thing that he had done to all families that lived in the house before.He think the family will scare of him and will move out from the house.It is very funny to read that all the tricks play by the ghost to scare the family did not work,but the family plays the same game and the ghost was scared by it.The only daughter in the family,Virginia is a kind-hearted girl.She become a friend to the ghost.One day,the ghost says that he want to 'sleep'.He take Virginia along with him to the Garden of Death.Finally,the family found the skeleton in a room.It was belonged to the ghost.The ghost was finally buried in peace.As ask by the ghost,Virginia always visite the ghost's grave and pray for him.

5 I didn't liked the book because i thought that it should be more scary :/

6 Joakim Andersson 8a

Anonymous said...


Peter Benchley

Mr.Brody, Hooper, Quint.

In the town Amity, there don't live so many people there, but there is a beach that brings many people to the town, to swim or just have fun on the beach. But one night when a women goes for a swim, she been attackt by a shark. She died and the police man Mr.Brody wants to close the beach but the people thats lives in Amity wants to have the beach open. They decide to like that, but not long after tvo people died, in the same way, but a man called Hooper that knows alot about sharks and he dose'nt think that the shark will return anymore. But only a day after the shark return, but this time the boy survive and Mr.Brody decide to close the beaches. Soon after Mr.Brody, Hooper and Quint went out whit a boat to kill the shark. The first day, they get attackt by the shark and Hooper died. Soon after that, the finaly they succeded to kill the shark!

N.P 9c

Anonymous said...

1. Oliver Twist

2. Charles Dickens

3. The character is Oliver Twist

4. It´s about Oliver and he don´t have any family and no money. It´s begining at a workhouse and they sailing him for five pounds and it´s very hard. He moving around in the village and he come to a thieves and they call it a game. Then it´s going just upwards for him then.

5. I did´nt like it beacuse I thought it was boring.

Amanda L 8a

Anonymous said...

1:The Fjord Murder

2:Stephen Speight

3:mr and mrs smith and the childern

4: one man and a women is on a trip in norway and he murders his wife and dump her in the fjord and two childern see the event and the childern go to the police.

5: i did´nt like it becuse it was boring.

r.a 8a

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